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Free Resources
Our free resources are units that are typically used for a one-hour presentation (sometimes more) on a specific topic in Astronomy. We developed these resources for our own Astronomy classes at High School or for our night classes. They are in the same format as our Ebooks and only require an internet browser with the Adobe Flash add-on. Apart from general presentations and classroom teaching, these units are ideally suited for self study as well.

We gladly make these now available without any cost. Once published here, they are public domain and you can use them in any way you like. They can be run directly from this website (from our catalogue) or you can download a zipped version for installation on your own computer(s) or network server. The download will require you to go through the ordering process but there are no charges made. After ordering you will receive download instructions by email.

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Products in: /Free Resources
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Stellar Radiation Stellar Radiation
The electro-magnetic spectrum in Astronomy. Zipped version for download. 2.2 MB.…
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The Rhythmic Sky The Rhythmic Sky
The Rhythmic Sky How and why do celestial objects move in the sky the way they do, and more about practical astronom…
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Stellar Distance Stellar Distance
Distance How astronomers measure distance to celestial objects; an overview. Zipped version for …
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Stellar Velocity Stellar Velocity
How astronomers measure velocity of celestial objects. Zipped version for download. 4.2 MB.…
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Matariki Matariki
The principle of heliacal rising and how that defines the New Zealand indigenous New Year. Zipp…
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Stellar Evolution Stellar Evolution
The Life Cycle of Stars. Zipped version for download. 44 MB. (Please note this is a large file)…
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A Sense of Scale A Sense of Scale
How to make sense of distance in, and the size of the Universe. Zipped version for download. 1.6 MB.…
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